The Complete Guide to Nordstrom’s Return Policy

Have you recently discovered a minor stain on your brand-new Nordstrom T-shirt or Dress or realized that the company received the wrong item? Knowing the Nordstrom return policy will enable you to receive the required information and a refund or exchange for defective goods. We give you a step-by-step manual on how to send a letter of the return request to the business without exhausting complaints with customer service!

What Is the Return Policy at Nordstrom?

Nordstrom doesn’t impose any time restrictions on returning unwanted or damaged goods, in contrast to many other clothing retailers. You’ll need the authentic store receipt or the confirmation email, depending on whether you bought the item in person or online.

Although having a generally accommodating return policy, the business reserves the right to reject returns under specific circumstances. The following products are not eligible for return or in-store exchange for a refund:

  • Gift cards
  • Clean clothes
  • worn or used clothing
  • Goods without tags
  • Things not in their original packing

Can You Return Nordstrom Rack Purchases?

Customers of Nordstrom are permitted to return any item bought from Nordstrom boutiques, their American or Canadian online sites, to any Nordstrom Rack locations.

Steps for Starting the Nordstrom Returns Procedure on Your Own

If the products are confirmed to be returnable, you can choose whether to initiate the return process by:

  • Returning the clothing to the nearby retailer
  • submitting a request online

Returning the Unwanted Item to the Store

Online returns take longer to process than those made in-store, so follow these steps to get started:

  1. Visit Nordstrom’s official website.
  2. The Shops & Events area can be found by scrolling down the webpage.
  3. If you want to find the closest Nordstrom store, enter your ZIP code.
  4. Visit the shop and request that the salesperson return the items for a refund or replacement.

Beginning the Online Return Process

Another choice is to submit a return request online using the steps listed below:

  • Go to the homepage of the Nordstrom
  • Choose Returns and Exchanges.
  • Select “Get Started”
  • Mention if you bought the products offline or online.
  • Choose ‘Add to Return’ after entering your order number, the return reason, and all other necessary information.
  • Enter your contact details.
  • Click on Send Return.

Can I Return Anything to Nordstrom Without a Receipt?

If you have the original receipt, giving it to the business will make it simple for them to find your purchase in their database, but if not, don’t worry if you don’t. You should get in touch with Nordstrom’s customer service and explain the situation to the representative if you received the undesirable item as a gift or if you misplaced the receipt. To be able to locate the record of the transaction, they will ask you for further information, such as the date and location of the purchase or the store where the items were purchased.

Be aware that you cannot get a refund in cash or using your original payment method if you don’t have evidence of purchase. Instead, a gift card equal to the cost of the returned item will be given to you.

How long will it take Nordstrom to process your return and issue a refund?

Your request will be handled immediately whether you want to use Curbside Returns or return the items to the shop. You will need to wait five to seven working days in certain circumstances before receiving a refund. Mail returns typically take ten to fourteen working days to process, and you can receive your money five to seven working days after that.

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